Viva Chorao: One Of The Best Resorts in Goa

Best Resorts in Goa. Whenever we talk about or plan a trip to Goa, the first thing that comes into our mind is beach followed by the clubs. But trust me Goa is far more beyond the beaches. Yes, I agree that Beaches and clubs are the most visited places in Goa but if you want to live the beauty of Nature, try visiting any island in Goa next time.

We were fortunate enough to get two days to stay at Viva Chorao, an exquisitely beautiful resort on the Chorao Island in Goa is actually one of the best resorts in Goa. This is one of the best places I’ve ever been to. Designed very tastefully, this resort will give you the chance to live in nature.

Chorao Island is the best-kept secret of Goa and to my surprise, many of the Goan people have no idea about where it is and how to reach there.

Viva Chorao: Natural Grandeur

A gorgeous resort designed very aesthetically is how I can define the Viva Chirao resort. The entrance itself is grand and you will feel the magnificence as soon as you enter the resort. Viva Chorao all together has 8 cottages with double beds. The cottages are huge and simply designed and decorated. The washrooms here are also very well built and maintained. Out of the eight cottages, two are interconnected so if you are here in a group or you are a family of four, you can take the interconnected cottages.

Every cottage has a separate sitting area with two decent cemented bench on each end, chairs, and a table. You can enjoy your morning or evening tea here amidst the beautiful green trees and flowers all around.

They have a huge dining hall in the center of the resort and all the meals are served here as a buffet. The dining hall has a television and the music system. However, you are not allowed to play loud music after 11 in the night.

The resort has no restaurant but serves you the best Goan homemade food as a buffet. They have non-vegetarian specialties but serve vegetarian cuisine as well. There is a small garden for kids too which has different slides and swings for kids.

One of the best things in this resort is their infinity pool, the first view to the pool gave me the adrenaline rush. With a view of the entire Mandovi River and the other islands, you would never want to move away from here. The pool is not huge but is location is just ecstatic. Swim or just sit and relax, its absolute bliss.

How to Reach Viva Chorao

Since this is an island on the Mandovi River, there is no direct road to this place. You have to go to Panaji by car or cab and then take a ferry to reach the island. It will be a 20-25 minutes ferry ride to reach the island. The ferries here are huge and can accommodate your cars as well, so you can take your car or cab to the resort via ferry.

Perfect Place In Goa For Picnics and Corporate Events

Overall, this is a so non-goan place in Goa. No beach, no late nights, no clubs but still is heaven and one of the best Best Resorts in Goa, absolute paradise on earth. So, if you are planning a weeklong trip to Goa, make sure you keep at least 2 days for a place like this.

You can thank me later.


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