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My Visit To Sunil Wax Museum Lonavala

So, we were on our way from Mumbai to Pune and just saw this hoarding of Sunil Wax Museum Lonavala somewhere on the highway. Out of curiosity, we went to see the museum and were actually amazed to see the sculptures there. I already had visited the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Singapore so was least interested in this one which the thought that “Tussauds Se Accha Thodi Hoga” but I was so glad that I was wrong. sunil wax museum lonavala

Sunil Wax Museum Lonavala actually has wonderfully sculpted wax statues of the famous celebrities and in fact, many of the statues were way better than those in Madame Tussauds, especially Gandhi Ji’s and Narendra Modi Ji’s statue. 

How to Reach Sunil Wax Museum Lonavala

BY ROAD: The road is one of the most beautiful ways to reach Lonavla. By car, one can use the Mumbai Pune Expressway to reach Lonavla.

BY TRAIN: For train travelers, plenty of options exist depending on one’s convenience- Intercity Express, Koyna Express, Deccan Express, Indrayani Express etc. Lonavla has its own railway station and most of the Express trains that cross the Mumbai Pune railway line halt at Lonavla.

BY AIR: Lohegaon Airport in Pune is the nearest to Lonavala. Apart from domestic airlines, it is also served by a few international carriers. The nearest international airport is in Mumbai.

About Sunil Wax Museum Lonavala

Sunil Knadalloor is the most famous sculpture artist in India and is specialized in wax statues. Sunil has his own wax museums in Lonavala, Devgad, and Kochi. He has made the wax sculptures of famous celebrities nationally and internationally. Sunil Wax Museum Lonavala has 84 wax statues which include Gandhi Ji, Narendra Modi Ji, Anna Hazare, Prakash Raj, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstien, Michael Jackson, James Bond, and many more.

Sunil Wax Museum Timings and Tickets

It is open from to 9.30 pm. The ticket price for Adults and Children is same that is 170.00 GST : 18% 200.00. Age below 5 and Height below 120cm are free.

You can buy the tickets or group ticket packages from their official website too.


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  1. Hey Shivani, Nice blog and the pictures of wax statues. Like this wax museum, the similar wax museum is in Mumbai also which is located in Ghatkopar West and famous as Red Carpet Wax Museum. You should visit this wax museum once. 🙂

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