Solo Trip Narkanda Trip Itinerary| Camping and Stay at Agyaat Vaas

I have recently done my first every trip to Narkanda and it was a solo trip. It was my Solo Trip number 5 and I have been on a solo trip to Goa, Singapore, Rann Utsav and Mumbai before this.

Because so many people have been asking my itinerary of this trip I am sharing the entire detailed itinerary here in this blog post.

I started my trip from Delhi and took a Volvo to Shimla at 11 pm. Volvo buses are quite comfortable and mine was the semi sleeper so it was nice and a comfortable journey.

Solo Trip Narkanda Trip Itinerary


I reached Shimla at 6 am the next morning and the bus dropped me at the new bus stand of Shimla. As per my plan, I wanted to leave for Mashobra right then but Shimla had good snowfall just a day before so the roads to Mashobra were closed.

So, I had to take a room in Shimla to wait until the roads are clear. I stayed in the hotel Achman Regency. I booked a taxi for the hotel for which they charged me Rs 250 and it was a mistake. I could have easily taken any bus going that way and I could have reached the hotel in 10 Rs.

At 11 in the noon, the roads were clear and the busses to Mashobra were started. But by then my plan was changed and I decided to go to Narkanda instead of Mashobra. The reason which changed my mind was the Vanvaas Camp at Narkanda which was totally snow-capped and the enticing offer of Hatu Peak Trek. 

Though I was lucky to get a lift from the Hotelier of Achman Regency itself. It took us around 3 hours to reach from Shimla to Narkanda and the journey was simply awesome with the snow-capped trees and roads everywhere.

Watch this video below to know more about my drive from Shimla to Narkanda.

How to book a taxi from Shimla

By the way, it is very easy to book a taxi from Shimla Bus Stand, as they have a pre-paid taxi booth there which has fixed prices for all the destinations, so there is no point of bargaining.

I was already stunned by nature’s beauty by the time I reached Narkanda and the route to Vanvaas camp gave me the goosebumps literally. It was so damn beautiful that I can’t explain it in words. The road to Vanvaas Camps was very narrow and was fully covered with snow.

After a drive for 2 Kms, I reached Vanvaas Camps and it was a very pretty camp and I was super excited as it was my first ever camping in life. Do read my experience at Vanvaas Camps Narkanda.

Watch the video of my Vanvaas Camps Stay

I stayed there for a night and next morning at around 12 in the noon I started my trek to Hatu Peak with Jeevan who is one of the owners at Vanvaas Camps.

It was a 7 Kms trek and we trekked for 5.5 Kms and reached Agyaatvaas a lovely luxury resort. By the time we reached there my phone battery was dead and unfortunately there was no electricity in the resort too. I stayed there for two nights and enjoyed the property. 

The third day I went to Hatu Peak which was simply magnificent. I had never ever seen such beauty before and was absolutely awed to be there. I stayed there for around 1.5 hours and then trekked down back to the Vanvaas camps, stayed for a night again as the snowfall was predicted and I wanted to witness it. narkanda

Getting up with the view of snow-capped trees was something I loved the most about these camps. Next afternoon I moved back to Shimla, reached there around 7.30, did a bit of shopping at the Mall Road in Shimla and went back to my hotel Achman Regency to sleep.

Next morning I took the Volvo back to Delhi at 9 am and reached back home at around 8 pm.

This was where my fabulous trip ended. It was one of my best trips ever.

Below is the crisp summary of Itinerary-

  • 6th Night 11 pm Delhi to Shimla by Volvo
  • Reached Shimla 7th Morning at 6 am
  • 1.30 pm started the drive from Shimla to Narkanda
  • Reached Narkanda at 4 pm
  • Stayed at Vanvaas Camps
  • 8th noon started trek to Agyaatvaas at around 12 pm
  • Reached Agyaatvaas at 4.30 pm
  • Stayed at Agyaatvaas for two nights
  • 10th morning 11 am started trek to Hatu Peak
  • Reached by 12.30 pm and stayed there for 1.5 hours
  • Started trekking back to Narkanda at 2 pm and reached back to Narkanda at 5 pm
  • Stayed for the night in Vanvaas Camps
  • 11th noon moved to Shimla around 4 pm
  • Reached Shimla at around 7.30 pm
  • Shopping at Mall Road
  • Stayed at Achman Regency for the night
  • 12th morning 9 am took the Volvo to Delhi
  • Reached back Delhi at 8.30 pm

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