Solo Travel In Singapore: Things To Do In Singapore

This was my first trip to a foreign country and obviously, I was super excited for this. It was a 4 days Solo Travel In Singapore and I booked my flights via It was a 9 hrs connecting flight from Delhi to Singapore via Kuala Lumpur. I reached the Changi Airport at around 12 in the noon and after the quick formalities, I was out of the airport heading to my Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway.

Solo Travel In Singapore

My Room in Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway

As heard, Singapore was very beautiful with tall buildings and super clean roads. The cleanliness is I guess the first thing that impresses any Indian who visits abroad countries and I were no different. The hotel I booked via was beautiful and my room was on the 19th floor. I was already amazed by the beauty of Singapore and getting a room on the top floor of the hotel was doubling my excitement. Honestly, after checking lots of hotels in Singapore on the internet I decided upon this because it had the infinity pool on the 20th floor.

Right after enjoying the infinity pool at 20th floor

Hotel Jen OrchardGateway is located at the Orchard Street which is considered as the heaven for the shoppers. With huge malls and numerous cafes, this street is well lit till late in the night. You will get every damn brand showroom here in the Orchard Street and sorry to say but this is not the place for people with middle-class pockets. So, if you are not worried about the hole in your pocket, you can shop here at the Orchard Street.

Solo Travel In Singapore Began

Day 1 Orchard Street in Singapore

As I was super tired of the connecting long flight from Delhi to Singapore, I decided to relax the first day and just went out on the Orchard Street for window shopping and to eat something. Honestly, the malls and the shops were really expensive as per my budget but I, fortunately, I got a sale at the H&M Stores in one of the malls and I got some good dresses for good prices there. So the first day ended with some walk on the Orchard Street, a very little shopping, and delicious food at a roadside cafe.

Day 2 Universal Studio in Singapore

Just like most of the tourists I too decided to visit the Universal Studios the next day. I bought my tickets for around 75$ plus the 30$ express ticket. Buying the express ticket was actually a great decision because I got the VIP entry for every ride in the Universal Studios. It saved my time greatly. There are numerous rides in the Universal Studios and my favorite ones were the Transporters ride, Egyptian mummy ride, and the horror ride. I would suggest you to first check the Universal Studios map and then decide upon the ride or else you might end up missing some good rides. I started with the Madagascar ride which was very kiddish ride and adults won’t really like it, so it is a good idea to check and skip the simple kidding rides. You anyways can’t complete all rides so it makes sense to miss the bad ones.

Sea Aquarium in Sentosa Singapore

After enjoying the rides in the Universal Studios I went for the Sea Aquarium at the Sentosa Island. Though I wanted to go to the waterpark as well, I was late. The sea aquarium in Sentosa Island closes at 6 pm in the evening and it was 5 already so I rushed to the ticket counter. The ticket price for Sea Aquarium in Sentosa was for $39 then. Honestly, it was a very okay kind of aquarium and you can skin it if you are running short of time.

While coming out of Sentosa Island I saw the two boards of beaches and me being a beach fan couldn’t resist and went to the Siloso Beach but was badly disappointed as it was a very dirty and stinky beach. Stayed there for some 30 minutes and came back to my hotel.

Day 3 Madam Tussauds in Singapore 

On day 3 I again went to the Sentosa Island to see the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and loved it thoroughly. I don’t really remember the price of Madam Tussauds Wax Museum but it somewhere around $30-$40. The best thing I liked about the museum was the dance I did. Solo Travel In Singapore.

Clicked more than 100 pictures there. BTW, Kareena Kapoor’s statue in the museum is really ugly. Walked around Sentosa and clicked a few more pictures with a python wrapped around my neck, skyline luge ride and had a great time.

Day 4 Shopping in Singapore

If you ask anyone in Singapore where to get the cheap stuff, they will send you to the Mustafa Mall, but trust me it is the worst mall I have ever visited. Very dirty, tacky and crowded mall it is. The stuff you get there is available in any street market in India, so do not make a mistake to go to Mustafa Mall for shopping.

If you are looking for some great shopping at an affordable price, you should check the Buggies Street and the Buggies Mall. Both of these places have wonderful stuff at the good price range.

Cloud Forest Singapore

This is the heaven I visited next. If you visit Singapore, this is something you should not miss. Cloud Forest is a Lush vegetation of the tropical highlands & a tall waterfall in a soaring, contemporary greenhouse. I reached the Gardens by Bay at around 8 pm and I was late. I had to make a choice between the light and music show or the cloud forest and I am glad that I chose Cloud Forest which was a mysterious world veiled in mist. The wonderful 35 meters tall waterfall surrounded by the orchids, ferns, pitcher plans will certainly amaze you here. The cloud walk and the treetop walk is surreal.

1-Altitude Singapore

After walking around the Merlin Park and clicking a few pictures, I booked a cab to the famous 1-Altitude Pub. Situated at the 64th floor, 1-Altitude is the World’s Highest Alfresco Bar and one of Singapore’s best rooftop bars with a spectacular 360-degree view of the city, stunning sunsets, nightlife vibes, top local bands, renowned DJs and great cocktails. The thrill started with the elevator which made me dumb as we went higher and higher. I was actually stunned to get into the 64th-floor bar and the music was breathtaking. With a good foreign crowd and a very few Indian families, this place was so my type. Had some good vines, danced and had great fun till 3 am.

Reached my hotel at 4 am and started packing my bags as I had my flight to Delhi early morning next day and my Solo Travel In Singapore ended here.

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