How To Plan Your First Solo Trip

After doing 5 solo trips, I guess I can now write a post on how to plan your first solo trip. The most difficult thing in planning a solo trip is to take the decision, once you have taken the decision and booked the tickets, everything else gets streamlined.

I started travelling solo from the 40th birthday and my first solo trip was to Goa where I celebrated my birthday in a totally unknown city with absolutely unknown people and trust me it was just outstanding. The best ever birthday and the best ever trip.

A solo trip is the best gift to yourself

When you travel solo, you get an amazing and extraordinary boost in your confidence, because you are on your own. Right from booking your tickets to booking a hotel, planning the itinerary, your safety and everything else is to taken care by you and only you. It might not be that easy but once done leaves you more confident and powerful.

How to plan your first solo trip?


Self Confidence

This picture is from my solo trip to narkanda. This is the first thing you need to plan a solo trip. You need to believe in yourself that you can do it, you can take good care of yourself. Being on your own is exciting but can be intimidating too at times. You have to be sure and confident enough to take up this challenge. Actually, even if you are not confident, you have to look confident, this way you won’t be a target to the wrong people.

Research and Plan in Advance

I have been travelling solo for a while but still, I do a bit of research before going on a solo trip but when it is your first one, you need to be very clear about everything. Do good research on the place you select and make all your bookings in advance. Although going without a booking gives the next level excitement I won’t suggest that for your first solo trip. If you are too scared about your first solo trip, I would suggest you go to someplace nearby so that your family can reach you when in need.

Be Friendly

This picture above is from my solo trip to Singapore. When you reach your destination, do no behave like a typical tourist. Remember that there is a difference between a tourist and a traveller. Be friends to the locals with your full confidence. What I mean to say is, do not stand out, gel-up with the locals and you will be safe.

Note: This is how I get so many pictures clicked even on my solo trips. 😀

Smile your confidence

Do you know how to plan your first solo trip?

With a smiling face 🙂

Remember that not everyone is there to take your advantage. Keep smiling and interact well with people. Having a smiling face solves half of your problems, trust me.

Keep the maps

If you are going to some very unknown place, keeping the maps will help you a lot. I did this when I was on my solo trip to Singapore. Both maps and locals helped me a lot. I was all alone there for four days and had a blast.

Have a backup plan

Not all your plans will work, you need to keep the backup plan ready. For example, if you miss a train/flight or get late to reach someplace, the backup plan will help you.


This is one of the very important factors when we talk about how to plan your first solo trip. Do not carry much of the cash but at least have all the digital backup. I am a budget traveller and do not like to spend much on my solo trips, and I like it that way but you can plan your solo trip as per your own budget. But make sure you have enough cash of digital wallets available if you get stuck somewhere.

Let someone know

Not the entire world but tell some of the near ones of your whereabouts. Keep them posted about all your updates, include your check-in, your hotel and travel details and the other itinerary. Social media can be very helpful in keeping your family updated about your location.

Travel Light

This is again a very important part to understand when you want to plan your first solo trip. Remember that you do not have your papa, bhaiya, beta or pati to carry your luggage, so try to travel as light as possible.

Explore and Enjoy

Do not confine yourself in your hotel room. Yes, you can do it all alone. Go out, explore, talk to the hotel staff and other locals to know the place better. Take help from our beloved Google uncle and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Be Safe but Don’t Be Scared

I believe we women have that instinct to sense the danger. Being safe is totally in your own hands. You should know which is the safe place to go alone and which is not. Take up the challenges but do not get into the unsafe dares.

Last but not least, Be YourSelf and enjoy to the fullest. Be confident and plan your first solo trip. If you have any more doubts, I am all ears. So, these were some of my tried and tested tips on how to plan your first solo trip. Do leave a comment down below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


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