Goa In Monsoon: To Be Or Not To Be

We have recently been to a week-long Goa trip in the end of July, which means in the Monsoon. While all four of us (me and my family) love monsoon and rains, all of our friends and relatives were laughing on us for planning a trip to Goa in monsoon.

Like literally!

So, this post is all about my experiences in Goa in Monsoon. I have been to Goa once in the month of February which was a Solo Trip To Goa, and since then I wanted to be here with my family.

Pros and Cons of Goa in Monsoon

Goa in monsoon

High Tides at Anjuna Beach Goa

Tourists majorly come to Goa in the sunny or during the dry winter months but since we were there to celebrate my elder son’s 20th birthday which comes on 29th of June, thus monsoons.

Pros of Goa Trip in Monsoon


Goa is ON-First of all, let me tell you that Goa is NOT completely closed in Monsoon. Yes, most of the beaches are closed due to the high tides and you won’t really get the shacks on the beaches but still, Goa is in its full swing,  life, and zeal even in the rainy season. Monsoon in Goa is somewhat different from that in North India where I live.

Nights at Baga Beach Goa In Monsoon


When it rains, it rains heavily and when it stops, it stops completely. No drizzling throughout the day, which indeed is a good part.

Baga Beach Goa in Monsoon

Goa Weather In Monsoon- Goa is just marvelous in monsoon. You will see the lush greenery all around. A bike ride with your Bae on the clean roads surrounded by the luscious green trees gives certainly brings an adrenaline rush.

Bike Ride In Goa

Discounted Rates– Because there is less tourist in Goa during the monsoon, you will get a good discounted price for everything, be it the hotel rooms or food. Goa is really cheap in offseason.

Beaches are Beautiful- Beaches are anyways beautiful but rains make them even more surreal. Though you might not be able to take the beach bath in all beaches and many beaches are closed, still, the ones which were open were just magically beautiful.

High Tides at Candolim Beach Goa in Monsoon

Less Tanning- Getting tanned in mandatory if you are on a Goa trip but as the sun is less harsh during the rains, you will comparatively get less tanned. I am telling this out of the experience because I was tanned way more in the month of February than in the month of July.

Goa Beach Is All Yours

Less Crowd– I personally hate crowded places and Goa is comparatively less crowded in the rainy season. Very fewer people on the beach and you will feel it all to yourself. You will hardly see any foreign tourist in Goa during the monsoon.

Cons Of Goa Trip in Monsoon

Almost No Beach Shacks– Most of the beach shacks are closed, we missed the enchanting and lively beach mode, especially during the evenings.


Club Cabana is closed- Cabana is one of my favorite clubs in Goa and it is closed during monsoon season. It opens in the month of October.

No Flee Markets- The Ajuna flee market, Saturday Night Bazar all are closed due to rains so I missed the quirky Goa shopping, especially girls. Though the regular shops and markets are open but a flee is a flee.

Anyways, whatever the disadvantages and the advantages be, Goa is pure love and the hardest part about visiting Goa is to come back. All Goa fans will understand this love.

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  1. I went to Goa just once but that too in rain season. Notwithstanding incessant rains, I managed to enjoy some quality times there 🙂

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