First Camping Experience Of Life: Vanvaas Campsite

I finally have checked out camping from my bucket list. I always wanted to do camping at least for two days at some offbeat location and finally, I got to know about the Vanvaas Campsite in Narkaanda.

This was an impromptu kind of trip and I had no plans in my mind but then someone suggested this Vanvaas Campsite in a Facebook group of travelers and I googled it. After seeing its pictures I immediately decided to go there and I am glad that I took this decision.

Morning Tea At Vanvaas Camps Narkaanda

Where is Vanvaas Campsite

Vanvaas Campsite is located on the hill in Narkaanda. It is around 3 kms from the Narkaanda Bus Stand. I went from Shimla to Narkaanda by taxi so I have no clue if there is local transportation available in Narkaanda or not.

How To Reach Vanvaas Camps

On My Way From Shimla to Narkaanda

You have to take a bus or book your own taxi from Shimla to Narkaanda. There is a pre-paid taxi booth at the Shimla Bus Stand where you can book a taxi to Narkaanda or it will be better to book it till the campsite only. Around 2 kms of the drive is on hills which is a very narrow road so do take your own cars only if you are an expert driver, especially in winters when there is a lot of snow throughout the way.

Vanvaas Camps Narkaanda

The best part about this campsite is its location. You will get a magnificent view from your tent, especially if you are here in winters. I went in January 2019 and just after a day of heavy snowfall so the trees, mountains, roads everything was totally snowed and was extremely beautiful.

They have three fixed tents and they make more when required, like when there are more travelers. The tents are big enough to accommodate 4-5 people comfortably. What I liked was that the tents were very neat and clean. Yes, there is very less light as there is only one small bulb hanging in each tent, but yeah it is camping after all.

It was -2 to -6 temperature at night when I was there and they gave me 4 quilts and 2 blankets which was quite sufficient. Though I had to take a few pegs of rum too 😀

Food at Vanvaas Camps Narkaanda

Alloo Parantha With This View

I was there in winters and snowy season and the resources were less, still the boy Arnav served tasty meals which included Rajma Chawal, Daal Chawal, Mix Vegetables etc.

The kitchen of this campsite I think needs some renovations and cleanliness, however, I have no clue how the kitchens are in such camping sites, as it was my first experience.

The Vanvaas Camping site also offers a space to arrange bonfire and music wherein you can have a wonderful party with your friends. Just imagine, dancing to your favorite tunes with your partners/friends amidst the snowed mountains and trees, wow it would be so wonderful right?

I was on a solo trip but then there were some other travelers too with their groups and I joined them for the bonfire and it was indeed a lovely experience.

Service at Vanvaas Campsite

I will give 5* to their service because the entire staff as well as the owners were giving very prompt service. It was below 0 degrees when I was there and the entire water pipelines were frozen, still, they provided water whenever required.

Trek to Hatu Peak

The people at Vanvaas Campsite also takes you to for the trek to Hatu Peak, for which they charge Rs 500 separately but it is totally worth it. If you are in a group you do not need a guide from the camp but since I was on a solo trip and it was an off-season I took Jeevan from the camp as my guide for the trek to Hatu Peak.

Rates at Vanvaas Camps

They charge Rs 1000 per head which includes your breakfast and dinner. Lunch is not included and you can have lunch by paying Rs 250 extra.

Overall Ratings

It was my first ever experience of camping and I loved every bit of it. Right from the location, to the tents, their service and hospitality everything. I just wish their kitchen was a bit cleaner.

You can book the place from the Facebook page of Vanvaas The Tangri Camps


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