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5 Best Clubs in Goa. If you know me, you must be knowing that I am totally a party person. For me being happy and enjoying life comes first. So, naturally when I went to Goa on my first ever solo trips my main motive were beaching and partying and yeah I fulfilled them correctly.

So, in this post I will tell you about 5 best clubs in Goa. Though I didn’t visit them all but yeah they were in my list. I was in Goa only for 6 nights, out of which I went for clubbing five nights. So, this is actually the list of clubs I visited. You might not agree to my list but then again its okay J leave your comment down below if you want me to add some more names in the list.

6 Best Clubs in Goa

Let’s begin-

1. Club Cubana Goa

best clubs in goa

Image Credit: Trip Advisor

This indeed is the topper when it is about the best clubs in Goa. This name always comes first whenever you ask anyone about the clubs in Goa or even when you search in Google and trust me it’s totally worth it. High up on a hill, happening neon–lit nightclub with a dance floor and DJs, plus a spacious outdoor area with a pool is how I will describe it. Club Cubana is at Calangute – Arpora Road, Arpora.

Good about Cubana

I went to Club Cubana on the night before my birthday and had a blast. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of this club because my phone battery drained out as soon as I reached there. So about Cubana, remember that stag entry is not allowed here, hey but single girls can enter 😉 So if you are a boy and single, hard luck bro, you first need to find a chic and then only you can enter the club. Another great news for ladies is that Wednesdays here are free drinks for you…so keep your Wednesday for Cubana.

Bad about Cubana-

One more thing, you won’t really get many options to eat here, this is basically for drinks, dance and fun. They lack in service, but I guess it’s due to the crowd. It is heavily crowded always and you would see foreign crowd more than Indians here. I won’t recommend this club on weekends because its hell crowded and you will end up wasting half of your time to enter and then juggling to get place to dance or rather stand.

Charges of Club Cubana

On weekdays it is Rs 1500 per couple, weekend might be higher. Not sure.

2. Love Passion Karma: CLUB LPK Goa

Lively nightclub next to the river with a rock carving-themed interior design is how I would describe this club. It is located at Panjim Road, Opposite Bank of India, North Goa in Nerul. It is open from 9.30 pm to 3.30 am. You will find more of Indian crowd here.

Good about Club LPK Goa

The décor and the location is the best thing about LPK Club. I was literally mesmerized when I entered the club. Incredible beauty, breathtaking water views, romantic charm and splendid design. It has an open space with river view to sit, drink, eat and relax and a closed space to dance. They play mix, Bollywood plus EDM. It was Thursday when I went there and guess it what, it was again a ladies night and I got free entry and drinks. Though I always heard that its most of the foreign crowd here but the day I went there, it was full of Indian people and most of them were the honeymoon couples.

Bad about LPK

There was nothing really bad about LPK, except the fact that they won’t allow you in regular clothes. You have to be dressed up properly. Men are not allowed without formal shoes and formal attire.

3. Mambos Café

Though I hated the Titos Lane at Baga but Mambos was good. People told me not to go Titos lane on Saturday but I still went there to see how it is and it was actually horrendous. The entire lane was crowded with drunk people everywhere. Honestly I didn’t like the crowd. But yes, Mambos was great. In fact the best club in the Titos lane. It opens at 6 pm and closes at 4 am, so the perfect place for night owls.

Good about Mambos

Loved the music here, it was totally pulse shaking. The crowd was also good. Didn’t eat anything here so can’t really comment about the food. The ambiance was good too, not as good as Cubana and LPK though.

Bad about Mambos

Titos lane itself is bad. Worst thing is parking. You have to park all your vehicles at Baga Beach parking and then walk back to the club. So it is better to go by a taxi.

Charges for Mambos

It is Rs 1500 aprx per couple on weekdays, not sure about the weekends. On Sundays the entry is free for couples before 9 pm.

4. Synq Night Club

It was a nice and Chic nightclub and lounge resort with an outdoor bar, private poolside cabanas and resident DJs. This club is Located opposite Taj Holiday Village at Aguada Rd in Candolim.

Good about Synq Night Club

Very nice place for food, dance, music and leisure lovers. It is a happening place overall. There is an open-air club has which comprises a classy nightclub and an open-air lounge area with a discotheque. Luckily it was a Bollywood night when I was there and I am a hard core Bollywood fan so I loved being there.

Bad about Sinq Night Club

This is expensive club. They charge around 1800-2000 per couple on weekdays, not sure about weekends. You won’t see a single person here before 12 am.

Charges of Sinq Night Club

Already mentioned in bad– They charge around 1800-2000 per couple on weekdays, not sure about weekends.

5. Café Liliput Anjuna Beach

Located at Anjuna Beach, this was the only beach café I visited in Goa and trust me I loved it like anything. Well, deserved to be in the list of best clubs in Goa. The only bad thing here was the music that day. They play trance usually and I am a hard core Bollywood fan, but otherwise it was a mind boggling location.

They served us some good food and drinks. We didn’t really dance there but enjoyed having our food and drinks just beside the calm and serene beach.

Charges of Cafe Liliput Anjune Beach

Don’t really remember the charges but I think they charged us 1000 Rs per couple.

6. Hilltop Cafe Vagator Beach

This cafe is for people who like being wild with music and mood. It is particularly famous for the rave parties. They usually play trance or EDM only, so if you are Bollywood lover, this is not a place for you. Also, people love the Goan cuisine, especially the sea food here. I am a vegetarian so I didn’t try much here. On weekends they play live music and entertainment.

You will see the crowd here from all across the globe. Overall it is a very lively place with loud music and scrumptious food.

Charges of Hilltop Cafe

They usually charges Rs 1000 per couple.

So, this is actually the list of best clubs in goa..I mean the ones I visited in Goa and found them great. Do let me know if you want me to add any name in the list.

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