Sunburn Festival Goa 2019: Worth It?

Sunburn Festival Goa 2019. Hello everyone, I am writing a new post here in my blog after such a long time. Well, this post is again about mt Goa Trip but my fourth trip. So, by now you must be aware that how much I love Goa and on just like my 40th birthday in Goa, I went there again to celebrate my 42nd birthday. It was not a really great trip this time but I won’t really call it a bad one too, because Goa can never be bad. 

Well, while I was in my train from Agra to Goa, I got to know about the Sunburn Festival 2019 being held in Goa right on my birthday, that is 23rd Feb and obviously I got excited and booked my tickets then and there via BOOK MY SHOW. I bought a regular ticket for one day which was for Rs 2000. I was very excited about the Sunburn Festival as it was my first time, I had always heard a lot of things about this festival so wanted to witness it and that too on my birthday.

BTW It was named as Sunburn Klassique Goa 2019, so don’t get confused its the same.

How to book tickets for the Sunburn Festival

Sunburn is a very well known and popular festival so you will get the tickets on both Book My SHow and Insider. It is generally a two days festival and held on the weekends. The ticket price for single day entry and two days of entry are different. Also, there is a special VIP ticket wherein you get to enter the VIP area and some booze or food items are included.

The regular ticket includes onLY the entry to the festival and you have to buy your own booze and food there. Mind it, Beer is cheaper than water in Goa :D. So, before you pay for your ticket, read the instructions carefully and then book it.

Ticket for Sunburn Festival Goa 2019

The ticket price for a single day was 2000 Rs and two days was for 4000 Rs.

Remember that online booking is not enough, you have to get a physical ticket from the venue counter by showing your online booking, then only you will get to enter the festival. 

TIP: Go and collect your physical ticket from the venue at least 3 hours prior to the festival timings, or else you will end up waiting in a long queue.

The people at the ticket counter will tell you that the entry closes at 5 and you cannot enter after that, but DO NOT believe them. I was fooled and went to the Sunburn Venue before 5 and was totally backed in the super hot sun of Goa and then I saw people entering even at 7. 🙁

Also, you need to get a liquor band there before you enter and only then you will be able to consume booze inside. To get the liquor band, you have to show your ID proof there and no mama chacha ki jaan pehchaan will help you in this.

The venue and date of SUNBURN Festival Goa 2019

It was at the Vagator Beach and on the dates 23rd and 24th of February 2019. There are various artists in the festival, so it is always better to check the lineup and go according to your favorite artist’s schedule.

How was the Sunburn Festival Goa 2019?

It was like any typical MELA. DJs playing music on three different huge stages, some people dancing, actually only drunk people were dancing and sober people were just roaming around and clicking pictures. There were many colorful and attractive photo booths by the various sponsors and people were enjoying clicking the pictures.

Honestly, I didn’t like it at all. It wasn’t for a typical Bollywood lover like me. You will get only typical EDM at the Sunburn Festival and I am someone who can dance only on the raunchy Bollywood numbers.

So, basically, it is for EDM lovers and one more reason why I didn’t like it was that I was on a solo trip and such festivals turn exciting only if you are with a group of friends. It is NOT for solo travelers and Bollywood lovers.


If you ask me, my answer would be NO. I think I wasted my 2000 Rs for the Sunburn Festival, I could have used it in a better way in Goa, but then again at least I now know what Sunburn is.




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