Rann Utsav: Two Days Of Extravanganza

Rann Utsav: 01st Nov 2018 – 20th February 2019

After planning for more than three years, I finally hit the Rann Utsav this year and it was undoubtedly a beautiful extravaganza for two days. However, I was with them for three days but the third day didn’t go that great. You will know that later in this blog post.

Rann Utsav 2018-2019

Well, to start with I booked my two nights package at the Tent City Rann Utsav 2018-109 through their official website.

How to Reach Tent City Rann Utsav

As my package was booked already, there was a pick-up for me and other tourists at the Bhuj Railway Station. There is also a pickup from the airport but railway station suited me more so I took that. It was a small bus especially for the tourists coming to The Tent City. It took us 2 hours to reach and we were served light refreshments and water in the bus. Also, there was a guide who was telling us about The Tent City and Rann Utsav throughout the journey. The bus stopped in the middle at a point for a tea break and there was some small stalls of the local artisans which had good stuff at good price. I bought a few items from there.

Welcome at The Tent City

As soon as we reached The Tent City we were welcomed with some traditional folk music and dance followed by the refreshing drinks. Soon after all of use headed to the huge dining hall for the lunch as it was lunch time already. Needless to say that we were served a huge variety of food items which included typical Gujrati food and other regular food items. There was a separate Jain Food Counter too.

Tents at The Tent City

The Tent City has more than 500 tents in different clusters and there are three variants, Non-AC , AC Deluxe and Premium Tents.

I was in the Ac Deluxe tent and it was a very nice decent and pretty tent with a huge bathroom attached to it. The tent had all the basic amenities like AC, heater, two beds, chairs, tea kettle etc. Not to forget the wonderful rest chair outside every tent for the relaxed evenings out there.

Tarrif at The Tent City

The Non Ac tents start from Rs. 5,500, Deluxe AC Tents start from 7,100 and the premium tents start from 8,100 per night. There are three different packages available, 1 night two day, two nights three days and three nights four days.

My Itinerary For Two Nights Three Days

The first day began with the lunch and some rest as we were supposed to gather at the dining hall at 4.30 for high tea and snack followed by a camel ride to the white rann to witness the magnificent Sunset. The came cart ride was interesting as it was my first time and the White Rann indeed was extensively stunning. We were back in the Tent City after the sunset

Cultural Activities at Rann Utsav

The cultural activities start at around 9.30 but I reached late because I was enjoying my dinner with melodious live music. Yes, there is a live music session everyday with the dinner which is again a lavish buffet in the dining hall.

The cultural activities happen in a special activity area which has a stage, a DJ floor and many chairs and khatiya to sit. There were some traditional folk songs of Gujarat and other interesting activities and I had a great time The activity ended with garba which was open for all tourists and yes I also joined in, though I dont know how to do garba.

Day 2 Rann Utsav The Tent City

My second day itinerary began with the splendid sunrise at the White Rann. Got up at 5 am to catch the bus which took us to the White Rann and it was totally worth it. The Sunrise from the White Rann was really breathtaking.

Rest of the itinerary included the trip to Gandhi nu gaam and kalo dungar which was supposed to start at 2 pm thus I decided to do some sports activities. The paramotoring was sadly stopped due to heavy winds and thus I was left with the Skyzilla activities which was just okay, like not worth my time.

At 2 pm we started for Gandhi no gaam and Kalo Dungar which was a good experience alltogether. Gandhi no gaam was the old and original village of Mahatma Gandhi which was destroyed in the earthquake but is re-established by the Gujarat government. It was interesting to visit that village and the beautiful mud work done in every house over there.

Kalo Dungar was just okay, it was nothing special just a viewpoint from where you can see the kalo dungar which means black mountain which is actually not black but looks black due to shade on it. There was nothing much interesting about it. People were just walking here and there, getting pictures clicked in the traditional Gujarati outfits which is the most common scene in any tourist places in India.

That night was again about the live music and lavish dinner and yes I slept early because it was a long long day.

Third morning I had to check out and my last inclusions in the itinerary were swami narayan temple in Bhuj and bhujodi.

Swami Narayan Temple Bhuj

This temple was worth visiting. It is a very beautiful temple. Build after 2001 earthquake and took 9 years to build this temple. It is fully made of marble and each pillar of temple has different manually carving on it.. No two pillars are same here.

Bhujodi was a disappointment as the stuff available in the shops was way to expensive than what I got in The Tent City Itself. There was again nothing much to enjoy or see in Bhujodi except a few stautues of Mahatma Gandhi and a park.

Overall Rating For Rann Utsav

Overall it was a good experience being at Rann Utsav, but I feel it is quite over hyped. Watching the sunset and sunrise at the white rann of kutch indeed is magnificent but that’t the only best thing.

The White Rann for that matter is also not that white, it is q bit brownish in color but yeah seeing the Salt all around for acres and acres is something interesting.

It is actually a very different experience and kind of a Mela for two nights and three days.

I found it actually quite pricey for a middle class person. It is a lavish holiday package for the upper middle class or upper class people who can afford it. Also, it is a once time kinda thing. Now when I have been there once, I don’t really think I will spend my money again to visit Rann Utsav.

Shopping at Rann Utsav

Regarding shopping I would suggest you to buy the items from The Tent City itself. You will get ample of time and a good variety to select from. Also the rates here are quite less than the other places they will take you to. So whatever you like at the Tent City, buy it 🙂

If you have been to the Rann Utsav, do let me know how was your experience. I was there for a solo trip and may be its a place for being with groups.

If you want to experience this extravaganza, head over to their website www.rannutsav.com and book your package at your own convinience.

Also check out my Vlogs of Rann Utsav to know more about it.

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