My Solotrip to Goa: 6 nights and 5 Days in Goa.

It was my 40th birthday last year and I always wanted it to be the grand, memorable and unique celebration. The first few ideas that came to my mind were throwing a DJ party for friends, family picnic at some nice place etc., and then came to this striking idea of a Solotrip to Goa.

By God’s grace, I have a loving, caring and understanding husband who willingly allowed me to go Goa on my first ever solotrip and that too on my 40th birthday.

So without thinking twice I straight away booked the flight ticket from Delhi to Goa, and guess what! I booked one-way ticket with a thought in my mind, “Akele jaa rahi hu, bore ho gayi to jaldi wapas aa jaungi”.

So, yeah my flight from Delhi to Goa was at 2.00 pm and thus I started from Agra early in the morning. It takes around 3 hrs from Agra to Delhi if you are going through the Yamuna Expressway. I better mention here that it was my first ever flight too.

Reached Goa Finally 🙂 Candolim Beach in the evening

With so many butterflies in my stomach I entered the Delhi Airport for the first time in my life and getting on the plane was itself exciting and amazing for me. Well, I reached Goa around 5 in the evening and actually pinched myself twice to check if I really am in Goa or is it a dream.

Well, from Goa airport you need to hire a taxi (kaali-peeli) to go anywhere, and yes that’s the only option. You literally won’t get any other conveyance from Goa airport and that too you have to stand in a long queue to pre-book your taxi. And, yes they charge a minimum amount of 1200 to drop to anywhere in Goa.

solotrip to goa

Sunset at Candolim Beach Goa

I had booked the Backpackers Panda Hostel in Candolim Goa and I booked my taxi from the Goa airport. It was a super tiring day and I had this thought in my mind that “Hostel jaake seedha so jaungi”. By the way it was my first ever hostel experience too 🙂

Too many first evers here. Picture abhi baki hai mere dost.

solotrip to goa

Rent a scooty in Goa

It took us about 1 hr to reach my hostel in Candolim and thankfully my taxi driver was a nice Goan guy who was telling me about where should I go and where I shouldn’t. With the help of GPS and a few localites, I found my hostel easily and was really glad to see that it was an amazing looking hostel with the wonderful Candolim beach just at a 2 mins walk.

The Backpackers Panda hostel had good rooms and dormitories, mixed and female and I choose to stay in a female dormitory. They charged me 400 Rs per day and my bunk bed was a good sized single bed with a huge trunk storage for my bag. They had a kitchen where you will find the required stuff like a refrigerator, an induction plate, few plates, coffee mugs etc. So, basically they don’t have a restaurant but they provide you good kitchen to cook your own food and yes, Maggi and eggs are the saviors in such situation.

Day 1 of my Solotrip to Goa

Way to Candolim Beach through Mamas Cecilia Shack

So I booked it for three days initially which later turned out to be 5, obviously, I was having a wonderful time. So just the opposite of what I decided, I thrashed my back into the trunk, took off my denim and top and came into the typical Goa clothes, (yes, when I say Goa clothes that means minis, micro minis, shorts etc) AND I rushed to the beach and O My Sweet God, this Candolim beach was breathtaking.

Enjoying Cocktail at Mama’s Cecilia Shack and Candolim Beach

It is a super clean beach with wonderful shacks and beach beds, clear water with not even a single polythene or a paper around. Spent my wonderful evening bathing and walking along the sea and then had the delicious food in the Mama’s Cecelia’s shack which provides 20% discount to the Panda residents.

The hostel has a wonderful Den area where all the roomies come and sit and you can talk, play guitar, read books, and listen to the music or dance. I made some really good friends there and got a chance to listen to so many interesting stories by the people from all around the globe. Went to the beach again at around 12 in the night, sat there for some good one hour, came back and slept in my room.

Aguada Fort and Light House During My Solotrip To Goa

Aguada Fort Goa

Next day was my 40th bday and hired a scooter from the nearby Candolim market. They charged me 150Rs per day and petrol was mine. I went to visit the Aguada Fort and Lighthouse. It was a wonderful ride as the Goa roads are really good and super clean. On my way to the Aguada fort, I saw some dolphin boat ride thing and enjoyed that 45 minutes ride just for Rs 300 and it was wonderful. Although, you will hardly get to see some Dolphin’s head just for a few seconds, so don’t “ki wo movies jaise dolphins dance karti milengi.

Dolphin Boat Ride Goa

Well, I spent an awesome day at the fort, the lighthouse, and the motorboat ride and came back to the hostel at around 8 in the night. There were some new faces in the Den area, yes, some new group of 4 wonderful IITans had checked in. While I was talking to other guys about their night plans, these IITan guys said they would join me for some club. And we then went to the Café Lilliput at Anjuna Beach. This was a nice café and the best woupart was that it’s just on the beach so you can enjoy your drinks and snacks just beside the beach. I celebrated my 40th birthday there, danced, enjoyed drinks and yes the beach was sheer love.

anjuna beach goa

Lilliput Cafe Anjuna Beach Goa


If you go to Anjuna beach, do not forget to eat that buddhi aunti wala omelet. There is an old lady who makes super delicious omelets at Anjuna beach.

Day 2 of my Solotrip to Goa

Made a sand doll at Candolim Beach Goa

The second day started with a good bath at Candolim beach again and then I went to see the Anjuna Beach flea market which is open only on Wednesday. It was actually more like the Sarojini Market in Delhi except for the funky Goan stuff. Enjoyed my entire day there and came back to the hostel around 8. Got new friends in the hostel and went to Club Cabana with them. Cabana is the most elite club in Goa and the wonderful part of Goa is that Wednesday nights are free for girls in Goa clubs. So I entered there for free had the time of my life without paying a single penny.

Day 3 of my Solotrip to Goa

Sweet Water Lake Arambol Beach Goa

The third day I got to know about a sweet water lake at the Arambol beach and I headed there. Arambol is a wonderful beach again. Super clean rocky beach with wonderful shacks and amazing food. There is also a small market there which you need to cross to reach the sweet water lake. Surrounded by hills, this lake is literally breathtaking. After bathing in the salty sea for 3 days I badly needed this sweet water lake. Enjoyed swimming in this lake but yes the weeds on the bed of lake were a bit annoying. Came back to the hostel around 7 in the evening and then headed to Club LPK around 10 with a new set of friends.

Love Passion Karma (LPK) Club in Goa


LPK (Love Passion Karma) was again a wonderful club with splendid ambiance. But if you will find the full Indian crowd here unlike Cabana which had 90% of foreign tourists. It was a Thursday light and entry and drinks were free for girls again. Got drunk and danced like crazy here at LPK again without spending a penny. Lucky Me.

Day 4 of my Solotrip to Goa

Charpora Fort Goa (Dil Chahta Hai Fame)

On the fourth day, I met those IITans again and we went to see the Charpora Fort (dil chahta hai fame) and trust me it was a waste of time. There is nothing to see in that fort except the wall where Aamir khan and other casts of Dil Chahta Hai were standing. Yes, you will get a beautiful view of Vagator Beach from here.

Hill Top Cafe Vagator Beach Goa


The fourth night was the Hill Top Café at Vagator Beach. Amazing EDM music, wonderful ambiance, good drinks, good food and mind-blowing company made it a blast evening.

Day 5 of my Solotrip to Goa

Candolim Beach Early Morning

Was actually tired of riding scooty so decided to stay at Candolim beach on my 5th day. Had fun with the water sports like jet skiing, mid-sea diving etc. relaxed and enjoyed good food in the shacks.

Sunset at Arambol Beach Goa


In the evening went to the Arambol beach again to attend the Reggae Night with a new group of friends. It was again a very different and out of this world experience. The Reggae night was at the Freedom café which is at the other end of Arambol beach and we walked like hell to reach there. I am not a Reggae music fan really but the café beside the beach, smoked up people all around and good food indeed made it a wonderful evening.

Day 6 of my Solotrip to Goa

Did I tell you I got my FIRST EVER TATTOO in Goa..Yes, I got the birds tattoed on my neck and just look at this picture, this is how came back from Goa, super tanned, sleep deprived and hell tired but Super Duper Happy with Loads and Loads of Wonderful Memories. 

I had my train back to Delhi on the 6th morning. I decided to come by train because I was tired like crazy and just wanted to sleep. Took my train from Thivim instead of Mudgoan because it was nearer to Candolim beach. Yes most of the people don’t know by Rajdhani has a stoppage at Thivim railway station too. By next noon I reach Delhi and then back to Agra.

I met some wonderful people in Goa and made good friends. Not in touch with all of them but would still like to mention their names here- Arjun Som, Ashish, Prateek, Harpreet, Prajatka, Abhishek, Angela, Sameer, Amanda, Alina, Celine, Preeti, Anjum, and Faraz. If ever they land  to this post, I am sure this post will bring a smile on their faces.

In all, 40th Birthday Done Absolutely Right in Goa.

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  1. Hey Sayani Shiwangi…

    U don’t look 40. + Tatto + Doll at beach… but wow… u got lovely supporting husband. 🙂

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