Aahana Resort: Luxury Resort in Jim Corbett

This was my first ever trip to Jim Corbett and our stay was booked at the Aahana Luxury Resort Jim Corbett there. This was a blogger FAM trip and I had no clue who all are the bloggers I am traveling with. This was my 3rd bloggers trip and as usual, I was quite excited to meet new people and of course to be in Jim Corbett.

Well, I stay in Agra and the trip was scheduled to start from Delhi at 5 am in the morning, so I traveled from Agra to Delhi a day before the trip. We were 12 people in all and thus booked two tempo travelers for the trip. The trip started on a lovely note when I met the bloggers and all of them were very friendly.

Aahan Resort- Luxury Resort Jim Corbett

With our breakfast halt at the Shiva Dhaba, it took us around 6-7 hours to reach Aahana Resort which was a beautiful 5-star luxury property in Jim Corbett. To those who don’t know, Aahana is ranked 8th amongst top 25 hotels in India. It is located seven kilometers from Ramnagar and the complete name of the resort is “Aahana- The Corbett Wilderness”, this in itself is the complete introduction of this place.

The wonderfully designed resort incorporates the complete luxury reign, right from the lavishly designed rooms, beautiful landscape, lush green trees all over, rejuvenating naturopathy center, kid’s activity and play area luxury pool, extravagant restaurant and much more.

As we entered the resort we were welcomed with melodious shehnai, Tilak and a delicious and refreshing welcome drink which was made with the flower rhododendron which is naturally so sweet that you don’t need to add any sugar in the drink. After a warm welcome, we straightaway headed for the lunch in their lavish restaurant where they served us farm fresh food which was utterly delicious and fresh.

It was a calm and quiet place and all we could hear was the bird’s chirping and the sound of the small man-made waterfall near their pool area.

Rooms at Aahana Luxury Resort Jim Corbett

Aahana offers five different types of rooms which include Corbett Club, Jim Retreat, Jungle Lore Suit, Ranger Suite, Aahana Family Suite and The Villa. All of these rooms are priced differently according to the sizes and the amenities.

We were offered the Corbett Club rooms which were very spacious and elegantly designed and decorated. Lavish king size bed, television, seating area, great storage space, lovely restroom and a balcony with perfect nature view is how I can describe my room at Aahana Resort.

After taking a good nap in this cozy and ultra-luxurious room, all of us gathered in the pool area which was sadly closed by then, and we took a round of the property which was just mesmerizing.

Dinner beside Pool with Bonfire

This was the cherry on the cake. There was a wonderful bonfire arranged for us near the pool and the two local boys sang some wonderful Bollywood numbers and some awesome local numbers for us. Listening to such melodious voice, dancing around the bonfire amidst nature was just ecstatic.

Aahana Naturopathy Center Luxury Resort Jim Corbett

Aahana Naturopathy Center offers a complete health package. It is actually a fusion of Ayurveda, Nature Cure, Western Spa Therapies and many other relaxing and rejuvenating therapies. As we were 12 people they divided us into 4 groups of 3 people and gave us the therapies.

I was lucky to get the Aahana Signature Therapy with the Fruit Facial. Which was again beyond words. They have a beautiful area for their therapies with flowers and green bushes all over and their spa rooms are also designed very majestically.

The girl Shivani gave a wonderful 1.5 hr. long massage followed by 45 minutes facial done with the real fresh fruits.

The only drawback was that they have a common steam and shower room for and we need to come out of the spa room in our bathing robe to take the steam and shower.

So, the therapy followed an interactive session with the owners of the resort and then some awesome gupshup with the fellow bloggers

Corbett Jungle Safari

While we were not lucky to get a jungle safari because we ideally have to book it 45 days in advance, but we somehow managed to get a ride to the Sitabani Forests which had very fewer chances of tiger sighting. We were basically interested in the jungle ride more than a tiger sighting so 9 of us went for a jungle ride to the Sitabani Forest which was a splendid ride indeed. We sighted a few leopards, jackals, deer etc. and we also saw the giant termite hills which were a rare sight to see.

Sitabani Forests has a very old temple which is believed to be the birthplace of Love-Kusha, sons of Lord Rama. However, there are no proofs of this story, the locals still believe on the same.

So overall, the trip to Aahana resort was a wonderful one and would certainly recommend the place to all my followers and readers who love being be close to nature.

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