Salt Cafe and Bar Agra

Agra is now getting a new cafe every second week and Salt is one of the most exquisite cafes in the town.

Salt Cafe and Bar

Salt is also one of my favorite among the recently opened cafes in Agra and what I loved the most about this cafe is its rooftop restaurant. The rooftop part is open only after 5pm and for the evenings they often have the DJ nights or the live music nights.

They have their bar both in the indoor ad well as the rooftop one and they serve really good and fancy cocktails.

Classy Looks and Ambiance

The entire restaurant is designed in white and blue color which is quite similar to the Thalasa in Goa. Apart from the looks, this restaurant also serves good food and the service is also good.

The rooftop area also has a table with the Taj View, yes you can have your favorite food with a view to the magnificent Taj Mahal from this restaurant.

There is also an indoor restaurant in this cafe which is a fine dine restaurant. It is again very beautifully and artistically designed and decorated.

Yes, Salt Cafe is one of the most expensive cafes in the town and it would cost around 5-600 per head if you are here for a meal. Snacks might cost you a little lesser though.

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